Who is Brother Ghoulish?

Brother Ghoulish a.k.a. Ryan W. Kinney (they/them) is a horror content creator. In May of 2020, they launched the Brother Ghoulish's Tomb horror podcast. Now, they host on a few others including Blerdy Massacre and The ALTER Tapes. They're currently crowdfunding for their debut indie horror short story collection, There's Something Wrong in Morrington County.

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There's Something Wrong in Morrington County is my debut horror short story collection of paranormal tales ft. QPOC leads.

Now on sale at Amazon!


Black + Nerd = Blerd. Join our hosts Brother Ghoulish, Xero Gravity & Sharai The Slayer as they blerd out all over nerd earth through chaotic, topical conversations that any nerd of color would peel an ear for.


Are you a horror movie fan who’s dying for the hottest tea and suggestions? Come kick it with Brother Ghoulish weekly for witty and insightful film reviews and news. Say hello to your horror bestie.


A weekly horror podcast featuring a rotating pair of POC, LGBTQ+ and/or female co-hosts discussing a new ALTER short in their own candid, irreverent, and often hilarious style.


Are you looking for after show coverage of the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula complete with off-the-air tea? Join Brother Ghoulish and his partner Emilio Chambers as they break down every episode starting with season 4. If you’re a true Dragula fan, you can sit with us!

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