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On the Brother Ghoulish's Tomb podcast, I share horror short stories &

review horror movies and other media.


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Deadly Friend ft. Jamie Howard

In this episode, actor Jamie Howard and I discuss Wes Craven's Deadly Friend (1986).


Please check out her website!

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The Invitation ft. Sharai Bohannon

In this episode, Sharai Bohannon from Nightmare on Fierce Street and I discuss The Invitation (2015).


Visit to get into all of her amazing writing! Also, listen and subscribe to Nightmare on Fierce Street for intersectional horror!

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New Feature

Vamp (1986) ft. Zena Dixon

In this episode, Zena Dixon and I discuss Vamp (1986) starring Grace Jones.


Please subscribe to her YouTube channel Real Queen of Horror and check her out on The Bloody Disgusting Podcast!

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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer ft. Sam Wineman

In this episode, LA-based writer & director Sam Wineman and I discuss I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998). We also end up discussing queer representation in horror, ally-ship, and overall 90's slashers.


I reviewed his film The Quiet Room in previous Brother Ghoulish's Tomb episode, 'Lovecraft Country, The Quiet Room, & Morrington County Part 2 - a horror fiction short story.' Check out The Quiet Room on Shudder!

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Cursed ft. Bobby Torrez

In this episode, horror tuber & content creator Bobby Torrez and I discuss Cursed (2005).

Please subscribe to his YouTube channel Bobby Likes it Spooky!

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