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☠ it's all about the brains ☠

On the Brother Ghoulish's Tomb podcast, I share horror short stories &

review horror movies and other media.


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The Tomb

Brother Ghoulish's Tomb is a podcast for horror fans where I review horror media, share horror short stories, and more.

Currently on break. Stay tuned for updates on Season 3 but click below to catch up on previous episodes!

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Brother Ghoulish's Tomb X is a Patreon-exclusive podcast for a deeper dive into everything Ghoulish. Think of it as everything too spicy for the Tomb.

New episodes on the 13th of each month, even between seasons!

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Dragula Breakdown

Brother Ghoulish's Dragula Breakdown is where I breakdown every episode of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula, Season 4.

Click below for your weekly dose of drag, horror, filth, and glamor.

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