Ghoulish Scoop | The return of Brother Ghoulish's Tomb and Dragula Breakdown

I wrapped the second season of Brother Ghoulish's Tomb on October 27th, 2021, and a lot has happened for me since.

For anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about, Brother Ghoulish's Tomb is a horror film review podcast where I talk about horror movies and share short stories I've written. Shortly after wrapping the second season, I launched Brother Ghoulish's Dragula Breakdown where me and my partner Emilio Chambers provided after show coverage of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula fourth season. Now, both shows are about to come back along with giveaways. Also, I'm officially a co-host on two other podcasts -

The ALTER Tapes

A weekly horror podcast featuring a rotating pair of POC, LGBTQ+ and/or female co-hosts discussing a new ALTER short in their own candid, irreverent, and often hilarious style. Part of the Anatomy of a Scream Pod Squad Network.

Other co-hosts are -

Listen here or wherever podcasts are played.

Blerdy Massacre

Black + Nerd = Blerd.Join our hosts Brother Ghoulish, Xero Gravity & Sharai The Slayer as they blerd out all over nerd earth through chaotic, topical conversations that any nerd of color would peel an ear for.

My other co-hosts are Sharai "The Slayer" Bohannon and Xero Gravity, an "NYC based creator & host dedicated to the horror, sci-fi, & dark fantasy realms." Listen here or wherever podcasts are played.

Brother Ghoulish's Tomb, Dragula Breakdown, and Tomb X -- oh my!

The third season of Brother Ghoulish's Tomb will premiere on Wednesday, March 9th, 2022. Want to listen right now? Go to to listen today! My Patreon members get early and ad-free episodes, as well as several other benefits. I'm also running a special offer until April 1st - my first 25 Patreon members will receive a Dragula Breakdown swag bag including a podcast art sticker, a Brother Ghoulish bottle opener, and a MonstrosiTEA bookmark!

The return of Brother Ghoulish's Dragula Breakdown is TBD. Since there are no new episodes of Dragula for us to cover, we'd be rewinding to and breaking down previous seasons and spilling new off-the-air tea in our MonstrosiTEA segment.

And that's it! Subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of my website to be entered for a chance to win -

  • Special edition artwork Blu-rays of my favorite horror movies to cover on the second season of Brother Ghoulish's Tomb: Vamp (1986), Sugar Hill (1974), and The People Under the Stairs (1991)

  • 1 physical copy of Transmuted by Eve Harms, one of my favorite horror books from last season

  • 1 Brother Ghoulish's Tomb and Dragula Breakdown podcast art sticker set

  • 1 Brother Ghoulish bottle opener

  • 1 MonstrosiTEA bookmark

  • 1 full Brother Ghoulish postcard set

  • 1 'Haunting an Underpass Near You' tote

Thanks for reading!

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